8 Expert Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

The Internet has become a very important platform in marketing. Internet provides various avenues that can help expand the growth of small business, especially those that have a small budget. Here is a look at 8 Expert Online Marketing Tips for small businesses.

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1. Writing a blog.

More information about products and services can be written in blogs. A small business owner needs to write blogs which offer the readers / prospective customers tips, tricks or solutions to problems basing on the product. Blogging is very helpful in marketing because when one blogs twice or thrice a week, it helps build up links to the website. That is, it makes it easy for that website to be found in search engines. However, it is important that the blogs are of high quality. Another strategy would be to do guest blogging. It gives a chance for the business owner to show off his/her knowledge and also helps in expanding their reach.

social-media-image2. Maximise on the use of Social media.

Millions of people hold accounts in social sites. These sites can give a business worldwide exposure. This can benefit small businesses. The more followers the page has, the higher the conversion rates. A business owner could make use of hashtags and also use appropriate keywords to help increase followers. Creating an official page on social media helps the followers get an insight into what the business is all about.

3. Creating a Facebook Business page and use of facebook advertising.

Facebook makes it possible for small business owners to build relationships with fans. This can be done through sharing of relevant content and also interacting with fans by commenting and liking their comments. It helps create awareness.

4. Posting to Pinterest and Instagram.

This best suits small businesses that sell highly visual products or services. It is free to post images to these sites. Customers get to see your collection. Pinterest can help build traffic to your website. Use of hashtags in Instagram helps build audiences.

5. Press releases

Since there is a lot of competition, Press releases can help small businesses to showcase their content across many global and local channels. This helps give them the much needed exposure. The content reaches the consumers directly. Press releases also enable the business owners to interact with journalists and bloggers. The cost is also inexpensive especially when the press release is made by a wire service.

6. Conducting Webinars.

Webinars can help a business build a list and in addition to that, generate leads. Webinars are very interactive. However, it is important that you ensure that the webinar is rich in content. It should provide content that is relevant to the targeted audience. It should also be well organised and the host should be experienced.

google-adwords-management7. Use of Pay-per-click advertising/ Google AdWords.

It suits businesses that offer products and services that are location specific. Businesses are able to specifically target regions and terms that relate to them. It is a cost effective way of online marketing. Google AdWords can help create leads for small businesses. Pay per click advertising and targeted keyword help get good exposure for the small business.

8. Use of email marketing

It is one of the most affordable methods of online marketing. A business could get access to the potential customer’s emails just by asking them to subscribe to a newsletter. However, the business should ensure that it email marketing is done in a responsible way. It should also be channeled with other forms of email marketing.


These are just but a few of the things that small businesses should put into consideration with regard to online marketing.

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